“I looked at laser but with the cost it wasn’t an option. I saw this and thought it looked amazing.”

Amy Billing, Tattoo Artist

Amy Billing - EyeDream Wearer

Amy's Story

I looked at laser but with the cost it wasn’t an option. I saw this and thought it looked amazing.

After the first night of wearing the lenses at night I went from -4.00 to -1.00D in the morning, and after a few nights I had perfect vision when I woke up. I can work all day and even if I am out until 3am on a Saturday night I can put my lenses in late and still see well the next day.

I hated wearing glasses as they always slipped down when I worked, and my contact lenses used to dry out as I was staring at the same point for a long time when I work. I can spend up to eight hours on a piece of work. It is literally the best thing I have done.

Amy Billing | Tatoo Artist


Correct Your Vision While you Sleep

EyeDream, a form of orthokeratology, corrects your vision while you sleep. Simply remove the custom contact lenses when you wake and enjoy a world of clear, natural vision throughout the day.


How Does EyeDream Work?

EyeDream works by gently reshaping the front surface of the eye (the cornea) while you sleep. The change is very slight but the results can be life changing.


Is EyeDream for Me?

EyeDream is the perfect solution for people who suffer from mild to moderate myopia (short-sightedness) and...



...want clear natural vision all day without the need for specs or lenses.



...have considered laser surgery but are concerned with the associated risks.



...are involved in sports but find specs and contact lenses restrictive.



...are soft contact lens wearers but suffer from discomfort or dry, scratchy eyes



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