Charlie’s Story

Charlie Emmett, an ambitious young water skier from Oxford, dreamed of becoming world champion. A formidable challenge, especially considering that he is on the autistic spectrum.

Then, one day, an accident on the water left him short-sighted. Being short-sighted in such a physical, fast-paced sport put Charlie at a disadvantage. The twists, turns and constant spray meant specs and contact lenses didn't work. Heartbroken, Charlie's dream had never seemed further away.

So Charlie’s optician recommended EyeDream. EyeDream corrects Charlie's vision while he sleeps! He removes the lenses in the morning and enjoys perfect, unaided vision all day.

Since starting with EyeDream, Charlie has gone from strength to strength. At only 17, Charlie is ranked 4th in the British Tournament Water Ski League. Last year, he qualified for the European Championship finals!

With perfect vision, Charlie's ambitions can now reach as far as his hard work and talent will take him. The dream is on...